Pets Guide
By Dianius, 60 Night Elf Druid, Terenas (Euro)

Hello, and welcome to yet another Dianius guide! The main index to all my Guides is here.

This one has been quite heavily requested, and is all about collecting Pets.

What are Pets, you ask?

Pets are my favourite part of the game. They're little creatures that you can collect, most of which simply follow you about, although a few will actually fight for you as well. Some are bought from vendors, some are the reward from a quest, some are dropped by mobs and others can be made by Engineers.

I should point out here that I'm not talking about Hunter Pets, which are beasts that the Hunter has tamed to fight for them. Those fight, level up with the Hunter, have special attacks and are an integral part of the Hunter class.

I'm only talking about the little collectable pets.

What's the point of Pets?

Well, for the most part, just to follow you about and look cute 8-) Some will fight for you in a limited capacity, for a short period of time, but most don't 'do' anything as such.

Generally speaking, you can only have one Pet out at a time (not counting Hunter pets, a Hunter can have his tamed pet and a collectable pet out at the same time). However, some of the Combat Pets (those that will fight for you for a short period of time) can be taken out at the same times as a non-combat Pet.

So, what Pets are there available in the game then?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll answer this one with the following... 8-)

Dianius, and all her pets!

The above picture shows me (in the middle, riding the big cat (a Striped Nightsaber, just for completeness 8-) )) with all my current pets as of writing this Guide. I have, to the best of my knowledge, almost every dropped, quested or made pet I have access too. I'm missing 10 (that I can get) in total, which I'll cover separately later.

To pre-empt the obvious first question... yes, I said earlier on that you can only have one pet out at a time. So, how did I get them all out for that picture then?

I didn't. What I did do was find a nice pretty spot, get each pet out in turn, get it in roughly the right place for distance and perspective while keeping it more or less the right size (some are a bit bigger than they should be so as not to lose too much detail), take a couple of dozen screenshots so I can pick the best 'pose', then cropped each one, edited out the background pixel by pixel, and pasted them into one master picture.

Why yes, I am a sad, obsessive wierdo! What, the 40+ pets weren't a big enough clue? 8-)

I don't have every bought pet, although I have at least one example of everything. There are nine others that I haven't bought (so far!) simply because I was running out of room to keep them all, and really wanted the 'harder' to get ones first. However, some of the bought ones were so cute that I had to buy them 8-)

As you can see, there are quite a lot of them kicking about. Forty-two in that screenshot alone, plus twenty-one I don't have (six dropped, two quested, one made that I can get, three made that I can't get, and the nine I haven't bought yet).

There are also four pets that you can only get as a result of 'out-of-game' criteria, such as buying the Collector's Edition instead of the normal one, or having attended a convention. Or, perhaps, having written a few highly popular Guides? *HINT* *HINT* 8-)

There are also four that aren't in that picture, mostly because I ran out of room, which sort of count, so I'll include them as well.

So, there are seventy-one 'Pets' (including the loose definition ones) currently in the game (as far as I know), although no one character can actually collect them all as several are mutually exclusive Engineered pets (the skill needed to get one prohibits you getting the skill needed to get the other) and three are mutually exclusive Collector's Edition pets (you can only have one of the three available on any one character).

Below is a write-up on each one. The relatively easy to get ones are all detailed in this Guide. For those that are a bit harder to get I've written up a separate Guide and linked to that.

Many pets are bought from a vendor in or near a starting city, and only characters on that side can buy them, however they are all tradable until actually used, and so can be transferred to a character on the other side using the Neutral Auction Houses in Gadgetzan, Everlook and Booty Bay. I've written a short 'How To' at the end of the Guide.

I'll start with the pets I currently own. Here's the same picture as above, except with all the pets blanked out and numbered, for easy identification...

Pets blanked out and numbered

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Ok, that's it for self-advertising, now for the pets...

1) Mechanical Dragonling
Mechanical Dragonling This one is Engineer-made, and is a combat pet, meaning it will fight for you not just follow you around.

The schematic is bought from a vendor, Gnaz Blunderflame <Engineering Supplies> in Stranglethorn Vale. It is a limited supply schematic, meaning that when someone buys the one he currently has in stock there is a delay before he gets another one in to sell.

You need to be level 30 and have 200 Engineering skill to make AND USE this pet, meaning you can't simply buy a pre-made one from an Engineer and use it unless you are also an Engineer. It requires the following supplies to make:-

1x Bronze Framework, 4x Iron Strut, 4x Gyrochronatom, 2x Citrine and 1x Fused Wiring.

The item you make is actually a Trinket, which needs to be equipped to summon your Dragonling. The Mechanical Dragonling is level 35, and lasts a maximum of one minute (if it doesn't die first), with a cooldown of an hour before you can summon it again. You cannot equip the trinket while fighting, it must be done before a fight, and there is a 30 second cooldown between equipping it and being able to use it.

Like most of the other Combat Pets, these cannot be commanded, and will simply follow you around until something attacks you, at which point they'll join in to defend you, so you need to wait until you're actually fighting to summon it, otherwise the minute will be up before it's had the chance to fight.

2) Mithril Mechanical Dragonling
Mechanical Dragonling This one is another Engineer-made combat pet, and the next model up from the Mechanical Dragonling above.

The schematic is brought from a vendor, Ruppo Zipcoil <Engineering Supplies> in The Hinterlands. and again is a limited supply.

You need to be level 40 and have 250 Engineering skill to make AND USE this pet. It requires the following supplies to make:-

14x Mithril Bar, 4x Heart of Fire, 4x Truesilver Bar, 2x Inlaid Mithril Cylinder, 2x Goblin Rocket Fuel and 2x Star Ruby.

Again, it's a Trinket, same rules as above. This Dragonling is level 50 though.

It's the same model as the Mechanical Dragonling above, but that's fine as they're very cute 8-) Plus that means I can re-use the same screenshot, thus saving my time and your bandwidth, isn't that nice of me!

3) Hawk Owl
HAwk Owl This is a bought non-combat pet. It will only follow you around, it won't fight at all.

Conversely, mobs won't attack it either, so it won't get killed or 'agro' any nearby mobs (although obviously you still might 8-) ).

It is sold by Shylenai <Owl Trainer> in Darnassus, and costs 50 silver (before Honoured discount).

They're quite active pets, they flap around you and do little 'diving' moves now and then, which looks good.

A word of advice to Gnomes... bird pets like owls or parrots have a somewhat annoying tendency to flap right in front of your face, obscuring your view if (like me) you play in first person.

I bought an Owl for my little Gnome Warrior, thinking she'd look like a little Gnomish Pallas, but she just ended up looking like Mad Jack McMad, flailing her arms about shouting 'Shoo, get out of it, out of my way' all the time.

Blizzard, if you're reading this, please change where birds flap for Gnomes... just by the right shoulder would be ideal! 8-)

4) Tranquil Mechanical Yeti
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti This is an Engineer-made non-combat pet, however is does not require any Engineering skill to use, and so can be used by anyone.

The schematic is given out for free by Umi Rumplesnicker in Everlook in Winterspring, but only to characters with 250+ Engineering skill who have previously completed her 'Are We There, Yeti?' quest. See '37) Mechanical Yeti' further down for a walkthrough of this quest.

It requires the following supplies to make:-

4x Ice Thistle E'ko, 4x Thorium Widget, 2x Globe of Water, 2x Truesilver Transformer and 1x Gold Power Core

The Ice Thistle E'ko can only be obtained by people on the Cache of Mau'ari quest from Witch Doctor Mau'ari in Everlook in Winterspring, which at the time of writing this Guide is only given out to Horde characters. I'm assuming that is an error and will be fixed later, as Witch Doctor Mau'ari was moved from Orgrimmar to Everlook with the patch that introduced this pet (1.9).

Despite being a Quest Item the Ice Thistle E'ko is tradable however (also since Patch 1.9), so it is still possible for Alliance Engineers to obtain it through the Neutral Auction Houses.

The completed Tranquil Mechanical Yeti can also be traded across factions in the same manner.

New Info: As of Patch 1.9.3, the schematic now requires 1x Cured Rugged Leather instead of 4x Ice Thistle E'ko.

5) Green Wing Macaw
Green Wing Macaw This is a dropped non-combat pet.

It is a rare-ish drop from Defias Pirates on the ship at the bottom of the Deadmines, an instance found inside a building at Moonbrook in Westfall.

The Pirates themselves use these as a combat pet, and they'll merrily peck away at your head (if you're a Gnome, if you're a tall race you might want to wear a cup!) while the Pirates take a couple of swings at you and then run like cowardly dogs.

This was one of the first pets I got (the third, in fact, after the Hawk Owl above and Siamese Cat below), and it was getting this one that really put the thought of collecting them all into my head, thus radically altering the nature of the game for me...

BAD Polly! 8-)

6) Hyacinth Macaw
Hyacinth Macaw This is a dropped non-combat pet.

It is possibly the rarest dropped pet in the game, with a very low drop rate from the various Bloodsail pirates around Stranglethorn Vale.

I got this one fairly late compared to most of the rest. I'd been 60 for some timed before finally getting my hands on it. Only the Dark Whelpling came close to being as elusive as this!

It is very pretty though... the screenshot doesn't really do it justice, the purples and blues are very vibrant.

Well worth all the effort 8-)

7) Worg Pup
Worg Pup This is a quested non-combat pet. You need to be level 55 minimum to get the quest.

I have already written a Guide to getting this pet solo if you are a Druid or Rogue, which can be found here.

If you can't stealth to solo the quest for this pet, you can still do it in a single group (not a raid) using the directions in the above Guide.

Once I'd set myself on the path of collecting all the pets, this was one of the main ones that I really wanted. I've never been a fast leveller, I get far to easily distracted (e.g. going off to collect loads of pets instead!), but as I got close to 55 I suddenly found myself quite focused on that final push 8-)

Then I couldn't *quite* squeeze between two orcs at 55, and made the leap to 56 in record time, which turned out to be just barely enough 8-)

8) Mechanical Squirrel
Mechanical Squirrel This is an Engineer-made non-combat pet, however is does not require any Engineering skill to use, and so can be used by anyone.

The schematic is dropped, not bought from a vendor, randomly by various level 10 - 20 mobs. It requires an Engineering skill of 75 to make.

It requires the following supplies to make:-

1x Copper Modulator, 1x Handful of Copper Bolts, 1x Copper Bar and 2x Malachite

One of the main things that has impressed me with the Pets is the level of detail on them. Even though this little guy is tiny, he's beautifully detailed. Kudos to the art department!

9) Prairie Dog
Prairie Dog This is a bought non-combat pet.

It is sold by Halpa <Prairie Dog Vendor> in Thunder Bluff for 50s.

Another tiny pet, in fact this is the smallest of them all, and again he's quite detailed.

All the pets are animated, they flap about or sniff the air etc, but this is one of my favourites... he looks to either side of himself, and then licks his paws and washes his face and behind his ears. Uber cute! 8-)

The vendor for this one can be quite hard to find... From the base of the spiral totem in Thunder Bluff, go behind the building with the bridge to the Hunter Rise, and there's a path up the cliff. Head left up there, and Halpa's behind a tent.

10) Compact Harvest Reaper
Compact Harvest Reaper This is an Engineer-made Combat pet. It cannot be used by non-Engineers.

You need to be level 30 and have 175 Engineering skill to make AND USE this pet. It requires the following supplies to make:-

2x Iron Strut, 1x Bronze Framework, 2x Gyrochronatom and 4x Heavy Leather.

It is a one-shot pet, so once summoned it will last 10 minutes (unless it dies first) and then it's used up and you have to make a new one. It is level 35.

They're not Unique though, so you can carry several around, and they stack which is handy.

I used a fairly large screenshot for this guy, because he's just such a marvellous model.

Unlike the re-usable Engineered Combat Pets like the Mechanical Dragonling line, some of the one-shot Pets can be looted once they die, and will return some of the materials used in their making, and occasionally other components too.

This guy is one such Pet, so don't just run off and leave him when he finally keels over!

11) Mechanical Greench
Mechanical Greench This is a level 58 Combat Pet.

It was obtained from the level 40 'Ticking Present' under the tree as part of the Winter's Veil celebrations.

It was Bind on Pickup, 3 charges, and 10 days duration.

Sadly, he is no longer with us, as his 10 days ran out. He might re-appear next Winter's Veil, but until then this pet cannot be obtained. If you have an unopened Ticking Present in the bank then he will last 10 days from when you take him out, but he cannot be traded to others.

12) Snowshoe Rabbit
Snowshoe Rabbit This is a bought non-combat pet.

It is sold by Yarlyn Amberstill in Dun Morogh for 20s, and is a limited supply.

This is the cheapest bought pet in the game, but very cute 8-)

The vendor is the little girl running around at the Amberstill Ranch in Dun Morogh.

Another cute animation, this one twitches his nose and washes his face too 8-)

13) Tiny Reindeer
Tiny Reindeer This is another Winter's Veil pet, this time a non-combat one.

It is summoned by the Jingling Bell, which could be found in the presents under the tree, and requires one Snowball to summon.

Although the pet itself has no limitations on when it can be used (it doesn't expire like the Mechanical Greench does), Snowballs can only be bought or picked up during the Winter's Veil period. However they are tradable, and can be made by Engineers with a Snowmaster 9000 (only one per day though), so it is still possible to obtain them throughout the year.

Although this pet can no longer be obtained from under the tree (it may be back next year though), it is Bind on Use not on Pickup, and it might therefore still be possible to obtain one from a player who has not equipped theirs.

It is the same model used for the festive reindeer mount.

14) Cockroach
Cockroach This is a bought non-combat pet.

It is sold by Jeremiah Payson <Cockroach Vendor> in Undercity for 50s.

It is one of the more active pets, flittering and flying about around you.

It's another very small pet, and was quite hard to get a usable screenshot of.

15) Prairie Chicken
Prairie Chicken This is a quested non-combat pet. It is one of two Alliance-only pet quests.

Step 1 is nice and silly... you have to find a chicken (they're all over Human-inhabited areas), target it and do the /Chicken emote at it... often many many times, so I'd recommend making a macro and just hammering away!

Eventually, your chosen chicken will stop and face you, and you'll see the words 'Chicken looks up at you quizzically. Maybe you should inspect it.' Wait a couple of seconds and the chicken's name will turn green. At this point right click the chicken and take the quest. You have to be careful here, because it doesn't stay there for long, and if you right-click it when it doesn't have the quest you will attack and kill the chicken. You meanie!
Chicken Quest Once you've taken the quest, called 'Cluck!', you have to go and buy some Special Chicken Feed, which is only sold by Farmer Saldean at Saldean's Farm in Westfall for 25 copper.

Once you have the Special Chicken Feed, return to your befriended chicken and /cheer at him. He will then show up the 'Quest to complete' yellow ?. Right click him and click Complete Quest. He will lay a Chicken Egg, which you open up to get your pet.

One final note here... as you have to buy the feed from Farmer Saldean, it is a handy time-saver to do the quest at one of the many chickens that roam his farm. You can also buy the feed first and do all the at-chicken steps together.

As I mentioned, this is an Alliance-only quest. While the chickens will react to Horde characters, they change to Alliance-friendly and so won't give out the quest. If there is a nearby Horde guard (if you try a chicken in Brill, for example) the guard will see the chicken change to Alliance and rush over and kill it. The meanie!

As well as the half hour and several hundred emotes it can take to get your chicken to react, there is one other major annoyance with this quest... I can pretty much guarantee that some idiot will see you doing it, and think it's funny to come over and kill your chicken. Why? Who knows...

16) Red Winter's Little Helper
Red Winter's Little Helper Another Winter's Veil non-combat pet.

It is summoned by the Red Helper Box, which could be found in the presents under the tree.

There are two types of these, Red and Green. The Red one is a female, and the Green one is a male (see below).

Like the Tiny Reindeer, they require a Snowball to summon, otherwise have no restrictions, and are tradable until first used.

These looked particularly good when combined with the effect from the Winter Wondervolt machines that were about over the holidays, as those turned you into a Gnome in a red or green Greatfather Winter outfit just like the Helpers wear, so you could run about with your very own little Mini-Me clone 8-)

It's the little touches like that that really make me giggle, and everyone that knows me use words like 'sad' 8-)

I'm already looking forward to next year!

17) Green Winter's Little Helper
Green Winter's Little Helper Another Winter's Veil non-combat pet.

It is summoned by the Green Helper Box, which could be found in the presents under the tree.

There are two types of these, Red and Green. The Red one is a female (see above), and the Green one is a male.

Like the Tiny Reindeer, they require a Snowball to summon, otherwise have no restrictions, and are tradable until first used.

Another example of the lovely detail even the tiniest models have on them, and the amazing effort Blizzard have put into this game, something us players all too often fail to fully appreciate.

It's easy enough to pick faults in things if you look hard enough, but next time you think 'Bah, this sucks!' just stop and look at all the fantastic little touches all around you. It won't matter where you are, they're everywhere! I find it soon restores perspective...

Of course, we'd all have even better perspective if they made Gnomes puntable! 8-)

Just something for you to mull over, Blizzard...

18) Ancona Chicken
Ancona Chicken This is a bought non-combat pet.

It is sold by Magus Tirth in Thousand Needles (at the Racetrack in Shimmering Flats) for 1g.

More expensive than the pets bought in or near the starting cities, especially when the Prairie Chicken only costs 25 copper (for the Special Chicken Feed), but I do like the grey colouring on this one.

This one is the Imperial Officer chicken, compared to the Storm Trooper of the Prairie one! 8-)

Now if only there was a Darth Chicken! Oh well, I guess the next one down comes close... 8-)

19) Mechanical Chicken
Mechanical Chicken This is a quested non-combat pet.

In order to get the final quest 'An OOX Of Your Own' which results in the chicken itself, you first need to do three other quests:-

OOX-09/HL Distress Beacon, OOX-17/TN Distress Beacon and OOX-22/FE Distress Beacon.

These take place in Hinterlands, Tanaris and Ferelas respectively, as shown by the two-letter code on the end. Killing random mobs in those three zones can result in a Distress Beacon dropping, each of which leads to a quest to escort an OOX Chicken to safety.

Once you've done all three quests, Oglethorpe Obnoticus <Master Gnome Engineer> in Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale will give you your Mechanical Chicken.

20) Jubling
Jubling This is a quested non-combat pet.

The quest is 'Spawn of Jubjub' and is given out by Morja at the Darkmoon Faire.

In order to complete the quest, you need two mugs of Dark Iron Ale from the Bar in Blackrock Depths. These can be bought from the barman (Plugger Spazzring) or picked up from the table (WARNING: Picking up more than two mugs will agro the bar. This is Bad! 8-) ). The mugs are tradable, so if you can't get them yourself you can have another player get them for you.

Once you have the mugs, target Morja and throw one down. Her missing pet frog Jubjub will come back to drink it. At this point you can hand her the second mug and you will receive 'An Unhatched Jubling Egg'.

It takes 7 days for the egg to hatch, at which point you then have your pet. The egg becomes rather cutely named 'A Jubling's Tiny Home' 8-)

This is a fairly large pet compared to many, and makes noises when you click it.

21) Tree Frog
Tree Frog This is a bought non-combat pet.

It is sold by Frik at the Darkmoon Faire for 1g.

He's the little Orc boy running around chasing a frog. He can be quite hard to catch, so good luck!

All the Frog and Toad pets have rather a nice 'fly-catching' animation, where a fly will suddenly appear and buzz around them, and they'll shoot their tongue out and catch it. You can see this little chap's tongue poking out in the top screenshot of all the pets.

22) Wood Frog
Wood Frog This is a bought non-combat pet.

It is sold by Frik at the Darkmoon Faire for 1g, and is a limited supply.

It uses the same model as the Engineer-made 'Lifelike Mechanical Toad' below.

I still had to have both though, as my own personal collecting criteria includes all limited stock and made pets 8-)

23) Lifelike Mechanical Toad
Lifelike Mechanical Toad This is an Engineer-made non-combat pet, however is does not require any Engineering skill to use, and so can be used by anyone.

The schematic is dropped, not bought from a vendor, randomly by various high 40s to low 50s mobs. It requires an Engineering skill of 265 to make.

It requires the following supplies to make:-

1x Living Essence, 4x Thorium Widget, 1x Gold Power Core and 1x Rugged Leather

It uses the same model as the Wood Frog bought from the Darkmoon Faire above.

24) Siamese Cat
Siamese This is a dropped non-combat pet.

It is a fairly common drop from Cookie on the ship at the bottom of the Deadmines, an instance found inside a building at Moonbrook in Westfall.

This is a fairly popular pet amongst my friends. Any new characters we make will usually take a trip down to see Cookie fairly early on, in the hopes of picking one of these up.

This was the first dropped pet I ever got, and I was delighted with it. It is very cute indeed, and easily my favourite of all the cat models.

25) Black Tabby
Black Tabby This is a dropped non-combat pet.

It is dropped fairly commonly by Dalaran Spellscribe in Ambermill in Silverpine Forest. He is a rare-ish spawn in either of the two shacks to the sides of the main building.

Dalaran Spellscribe is on Alliance faction, so only Horde players can actually kill him to get this pet, however it is tradable until first used, and so may be passed to an Alliance character via the Neutral Auction Houses.

This cat was originally called the 'Maine Coon', but the name was changed after complaints over the negative connotations the word 'coon' could have.

26) White Kitten
White Kitten This is a bought non-combat pet.

It is sold by Lil Timmy <Boy with kittens> in Stormwind City for 60s, and is a limited supply.

Lil Timmy wanders around the canals by Cathedral Square, and through the Square itself.

Being a kitten, this pet is slightly smaller than the other cat pets.

27) Tiny Snowman
Tiny Snowman The last of the Winter's Veil pets.

It is summoned by the Snowman Kit, which could be found under the tree, and requires a Snowball to summon.

As with the other non-combat Winter's Veil pets, it is tradable until first used, so might still be available from other players.

This pet is somewhat unique in that it won't follow you around, it will stay where you placed it.

It is, however, highly animated, and will dance and jig about, doffing his top hat and shading his eyes to peer off into the distance.

As with the Winter's Little Helpers, you could also do the Mini-Me clone trick with these, as one of the Winter's Veil quests resulted in the Winter Veil Disguise Kit, which turned you into a large snowman too 8-)

You couldn't move (although it did have a 'twist' animation if you did /dance), but still looked great sat there with your little 'baby' next to you 8-)

28) Dark Whelpling
Dark Whelpling This is a dropped non-combat pet.

It is dropped very rarely by Scalding Whelps in the Badlands and Searing Whelps in Dustwallow Marsh.

On average, it's about a 1 in 3000 drop rate.

Originally this was called the Tiny Black Whelpling, I'm not sure why the name was changed.

I spent a loooooong time looking for this. In fact, I spent the best part of 12 levels looking for it. I was level 36 when I first went to the Badlands in search of it (which made the level 43 ones a bit of a challenge, to say the least! 8-) ), and level 48 when it finally dropped. At least 50% of the XP for each level came exclusively from Scalding Whelplings, and probably 70% of the total XP for the whole range.

One quick note on Drop Rates and Statistics... I constantly see in the comments on Thottbot and Allakhazam etc people saying 'The drop rate of 1 in 10 is wrong, it took me 15 goes!' or 'This isn't rare at all, I got mine on the first kill!'
Statistics doesn't work like that. Every single kill has exactly the same chance of dropping the item (let's say 1 in 10), regardless of all the previous kills. Just because you've killed it 9 times already doesn't mean it will drop on the 10th kill, that kill still has a 1 in 10 chance. If it took 15 goes, you were just unlucky. If you got it first time, you got 1 in 10 lucky. Neither means the quoted rate is wrong, it is simply the average of a huge number of samples, and therefore pretty accurate.

29) Tiny Crimson Whelpling
Tiny Crimson Whelpling This is a dropped non-combat pet.

It is dropped very rarely by Red Whelps, Crimson Whelps and Flamesnorting Whelps in Wetlands.

On average, it's about a 1 in 2000 drop rate.

I actually got pretty lucky with mine...

I'd gone off to try to get one, and I'd not been there 5 minutes when suddenly the place seemed flooded with people doing the same, and Whelps were being slaughtered by the bucketload and getting hard to come by. Then I spotted one left alive in a clump of corpses, obviously missed by the others, so I trotted over and smacked it one, and sure enough there was my pet! 8-) Only took me around 50 kills for it, obviously making up for the nightmare time with the Dark Whelpling!

BTW, still not believe me about the Drop Rates / Stats thing? Toss a coin! If we assume a 1 in 2 chance at heads and tails, and you get a heads first, that means the next toss must be a tails, right? Nope, wrong, because all the previous tosses have no bearing on the current one. It could take another 10 tosses to get a tails. Same thing with drop rates!

30) Tiny Emerald Whelpling
Tiny Emerald Whelpling This is a dropped non-combat pet.

It is dropped very rarely by Dreaming Whelps in Swamp of Sorrows.

On average, it's about a 1 in 2000 drop rate.

Although it's only the Dreaming Whelps that can drop this pet, you still need to kill the Adolescent Whelps in the area too, because when either of them repop they can do so as either a Dreaming or an Adolescent.

It took me a fair while to get mine to drop, several days of playing, but I probably still came in just under the average drop rate, so yay me!

Overall, across all three Whelplings, I probably averaged the correct number of kills, the massive number of Scalding Whelps easily offsetting the lucky kill on the Crimson.

Again, these are pets with a nice animation. As well as flapping about, they also look behind them and spin round now and then, in a 'chasing-the-tail' kind of way.

31) Sprite Darter Hatchling
Sprite Darter Hatchling This is a quested non-combat pet.

It is the other faction-limited pet. The quests are only available to Alliance characters, there is no way for Horde characters to get this pet.

As these are a fairly complex series of quests to get this pet, I have written up a separate guide here.

This is one of the cutest pets in the game, and one of my favourite series of quests as well.

It is the only pet that you 'adopt' as opposed to buying or being given as a reward 8-)

Having helped rescue some adult Sprite Darters captured by the evil Taurens, you are given an orphaned egg to look after, and have to go through several quests in order to be ready and help it hatch into a healthy baby. The final step is even called 'Becoming A Parent' 8-)

This is the pet that is mostly responsible for my writing this guide, as every time I've posted the screenshot of all my pets someone has always asked 'What's that fairie dragon one, and how do I get it?'

32) Pet Bombling
Pet Bombling This is an Engineer-made non-combat pet. You have to be a Goblin Engineer to both make and use this pet.

The schematic is obtained as a possible reward for renewing your Goblin Engineering membership. In order to do so, you must first destroy your old membership card, then buy a new one for 2g from a Gnomish Engineer. You can do this as many times as you like. Your random reward will arrive in the mail 24 hours later, and might rarely contain the plans for this pet.

The schematic and the pet are both Bind on Pickup, so you cannot trade either. Characters that have previously chosen Gnomish Engineering cannot subsequently learn Goblin Engineering, even if you forget Engineering and start again from scratch, and so will never be able to get this pet.

It requires the following supplies to make:-

1x Big Iron Bomb, 1x Heart of Fire, 1x Fused Wiring and 6x Mithril Bar

It clanks as it follows you about, and is the little brother of the explosive 'combat pet' summoned by the Goblin Bomb Dispenser (see later).

33) Smolderweb Hatchling
Smolderweb Hatchling This is a quested non-combat pet. One of the creepier pets you can get!

I have already written a Guide to getting this pet solo if you are a Druid or Rogue, which can be found here. This is the same Guide as the Worg Pup, as they are very similar. The specific details for this quest are at the bottom.

If you can't stealth to solo the quest for this pet, you can still do it in a single group (not a raid) using the directions in the above Guide.

BTW, having previously done the quest and got this pet, calling it out the next time you go through the spiders area of Lower Blackrock Spire is a great way to panic and confuse your Guild, and have them subsequently ignoring you for the rest of the dungeon 8-)

34) Tracking Hound
Tracking Hound This is a dropped combat pet.

It is dropped fairly commonly by Houndmaster Loksey in the Library wing of Scarlet Monastery, about a 1 in 5 drop rate.

It is a 3-charge pet, each charge of which will last 10 minutes (unless it dies first). Once the three charges are used up, the pet disappears.

It summons a level 30 pet.

This pet (it's actually a Hyena, not a dog btw) is pretty aggressive, and will happily run off after any unfriendly mobs nearby whether you want it to or not, so be careful of that before you call him out!

35) Ghost Saber
Ghost Saber This is a one-shot dropped combat pet.

It is dropped about half the time by a triggered spawn called Ghost Saber in the Ruins of Mythystra in the north of Darkshore.

To trigger the spawn, you have to run round picking up Cat Figurines. There is about a 1 in 5 chance that when you pick one up Ghost Saber will spawn. Kill him and you might loot a Glowing Cat Figurine, this is the pet.

Be careful with it, as it doesn't say anywhere on it that it's only one charge and then it's gone. It is also Unique, meaning you can't collect several at a visit.

It is a level 20 pet.

Another aggressive one, it'll get you into trouble if you're not careful with it!

36) Explosive Sheep
Explosive Sheep Not really a pet per se, but it's too cute to miss out, and is used in combat 8-)

The Explosive Sheep is Engineer-made, and requires a skill of 150 to make and use. It will follow you around for 3 minutes, unless it finds an enemy at which point it will charge said enemy and blow itself up! 8-)

It requires the following supplies to make:-

1x Bronze Framework, 1x Whirring Bronze Gizmo, 2x Heavy Blasting Powder and 2x Wool Cloth

Once exploded, a sheep can (fairly obviously!) not be re-used, so you have to make another. Good thing is, they're not Unique and stack up to 5, so you can cart a few about 8-)

As part of it's animation, grass will suddenly appear in front of it, and it'll bend down and eat it 8-)

37) Mechanical Yeti
Mechanical Yeti This is a quested 3-charge combat pet.

The quest is given out by Umi Rumplesnicker in Everlook in Winterspring, and is called 'Are We there Yeti?'. You have to collect supplies for her to make a yeti, with which to frighten three of her friends. Then you have to go and frighten her three friends for her.

As of patch 1.9, Engineers with 250+ skill who have completed this quest can get the plans from her for free for the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (#4 in this Guide).

For the first quest, you have to collect 10 Thick Yeti Furs, which drop from the Ice Thistle Yetis near Everlook.

For the second quest, you have to collect 2 Pristine Yeti Horns. These only drop from the harder Ice Thistle Matriarchs and Patriarchs.

Once you have all those bits, you need to go and scare her three friends:-

Legacki in Everlook (Winterspring)
Sprinkle in Gadgetzan (Tanaris)
Quixxil in Marshal's Refuge (Un'Goro Crater)

Bring back the yeti afterwards and she'll give you this combat pet in return.

38) Barov Peasants
Barov Peasants These are a trio of quested combat pets. You get random races and sexes each time you use them.

Before you can get the quest for these, you first need to have completed the Barov Family Fortune quest, and obtained the four Deeds from Scholomance.

This has to be done with a single group, not in a raid, and so is fairly tough.

You then need to kill one of the Barov brothers (which one depends on whether you're Alliance or Horde) for the quest to get this pet. They're both pretty tough, and I'd recommend bringing a few friends!

The Barov Peasant Caller is a trinket, with a 10 minute cooldown. The Peasants themselves last 15 seconds, but do a decent amount of damage in that time. They have very few hit points though, so if they get hit or the mob does an AoE they're toast.

39) Black Kingsnake
Black Kingsnake This is a bought non-combat pet.

It is sold by Xan'tish <Snake Vendor> in Orgrimmar for 50s.

Not much I can say about this one really...

It's a snake.

It tends to vanish in long grass.

To be honest, I mostly bought this one just to have one of everything, and don't get it out that much. Sorry, snake-fans!

40) Pet Rock
Pet Rock Again, this isn't a pet per se, but I just *had* to include it! 8-)

It is dropped very rarely by Timbermaw Shaman in Azshara, and unlike the other pets isn't something you summon. It simply sits in your backpack, and now and then you look at it.

It looks happy.

41) Cleansed Timberling
Cleansed Timberling This is a combination of a dropped and quested one-shot combat pet.

The drop comes from Blackmoss the Fetid, a rare-spawn Timberling who appears at the top of Wellspring River in Teldrassil. Kill him and loot the Moss-twined Heart.

Right-clicking the Moss-twined Heart gives a quest (requires level 5 or higher), to take the Heart to Denalan. He lives at the East of Lake Ala'meth just south of Dolanaar.

Complete the quest to give him the heart, and he'll cleanse it, and give you another quest to plant it in the planter next to him.

Do that, and you get a Cleansed Timberling Heart as the reward.

This summons a one-shot level 7 combat pet, who will fight for you for 20 minutes.

The quest is repeatable, just kill Blackmoss the Fetid for another Moss-twined Heart.

42) Guardian Felhunter
Guardian Felhunter This is a one-shot dropped combat pet.

It is summoned from the Spiked Collar dropped by Lord Malathrom, a rare spawn named zombie who spawns in the catacombs under Ravenwood Cemetary in Duskwood, and requires level 20 or higher to use.

He spawns in the room with the Brain Eaters in the lowered alcoves, in the alcove that will otherwise be empty, next to the one with the passage to the other half of the catacombs. He is level 31, and will have two Timberling guards, Sloth and Sludge, both also level 31.

The Guardian Felhound is level 30, and lasts 1 hour, a long time for a combat pet. He is extremely agressive, and will run off after enemy mobs from a large distance. Expect to spend most of the time chasing after him! 8-)

It's a pretty large pet, and a beautifully detailed model.

Those are all the pets in the original picture, but as I mentioned there are several things that probably should be in there, I just ran out of room so missed them out as they didn't really 'count' as pets per se...

Unconcious Dig Rat This is occasionally dropped by Dig Rats in the excavation site at Bael Modan in The Barrens. It is a one-charge item, but not really a 'pet' as such, as the moment you right-click it to release it it runs away and vanishes. It will not follow you around.

Target Dummies! Target Dummy

These are one of the staples of the Engineer's career, and come in various types...

The basic Target Dummy. This requires a skill of 85 to make and use. It requires the following supplies to make:-

1x Copper Modulator, 2x Handful of Copper Bolts, 1x Bronze Bar and 1x Wool Cloth

The Advanced Target Dummy. This requires a skill of 185 to make and use. It requires the following supplies to make:-

1x Iron Strut, 1x Bronze Framework, 1x Gyrochronatom, and 4x Heavy Leather

The Masterwork Target Dummy. This requires a skill of 275 to make and use. It requires the following supplies to make:-

1x Mithril Casing, 1x Thorium Tube, 2x Thorium Widget, 1x Truesilver Bar, 2x Rugged Leather and 4x Runecloth

All three serve the same purpose, they just gain more hitpoints as you go up. You plonk 'em down on the ground, and they sit there for three minutes (max, they might die faster with mobs hitting them) sending out a Taunt every few seconds that hopefully agro's any mobs hitting on squishy little you to go and punch the waving piece of cardboard instead.

Like the Compact Harvest Reaper above, when they do die (they blow up quite nicely at the end, btw!) you can loot the corpse and get back some of the ingredients used to make them. However, they can also give back Fused Wiring, which isn't used to make them but is needed for many other things, and is quite hard to come by by other means. This is why you'll often see frustrated Engineers blowing up whole chains of Target Dummies in a city somewhere. 8-)

Goblin Bomb Dispenser Goblin Bomb Dispenser

This isn't actually a picture of the Goblin Bomb Dispenser itself, that's a trinket, this is a picture of the Bomb that it dispenses.

As you can see, it's the same model as the Pet Bombling above, however this one is bigger, and likes to run at the nearest enemy it can find and blow itself up!

The trinket has a 30 minute cooldown before you can summon another bomb.

The animation (for this one and the Pet Bombling) is great... it's hard to tell from these shots, but the glasses aren't actually attached to the bomb part, they're held in it's hands, and it points them as it looks about. The fuse also fizzes.

As the name implies, you have to have taken Goblin Engineering in order to make this. It requires an Engineering skill of 230, and the following supplies:-

2x Mithril Casing, 4x Solid Blasting Powder, 6x Truesilver Bar, 1x Unstable Trigger and 2x Accurate Scope

Field Repair Bot 74A Field Repair Bot 74A

Another one that's not really a 'pet' as such, but he's pretty much indispensable for the high level game!

It doesn't specifically say on him, but he is a one-use Pet. Once you've got him out, he'll sit in the same spot for the next 10 minutes, and anyone nearby can repair all their gear (at normal prices, no faction discounts) and sell up all unwanted trash, just like at a normal vendor.

In the top-end Dungeons where everyone dies over and over again, you just have to have a couple of these along or pretty soon everyone's armour is bright red and you have to give up and go home.

The schematic for this is on the floor next to Golem Lord Argelmach in Blackrock Depths. You need to have 300+ Engineering skill in order to be able to pick it up. You also need to have several friends with you to take care of all the mobs nearby, and at least one of you will need the Shadowforge Key to even get to him.

It requires the following supplies to make:-

12x Thorium Bar, 4x Rugged Leather, 1x Fused Wiring, 2x Elemental Earth and 1x Elemental Fire

Ok, that's it for the 'Pets I Have Obsessively Collected Over The Past Year' section... now onto 'Pets I Don't Own, And Why Not!'

Let's start with the bought pets!

First up, Donni Anthania <Crazy Cat Lady> in Elwynn Forest.

She lives in a house between Northshire Abbey and Stormwind in Elwynn Forest, and sells, no surprise here, cats! Four of them, in fact, all at 40s each.
Bombay Bombay Cornish Rex Cornish Rex
Orange Tabby Orange Tabby Silver Tabby Silver Tabby

So, why don't I own any of these cute little kitties then?

Well, quite simply, I own three cats already, two dropped and one limited supply bought one, and although I might well buy them at some point in the future I'm currently very low on space and simply don't have room to look after them properly. It just wouldn't be fair.

Ok, moving on, the next pet vendor who's stock I haven't completely plundered yet is Narkk <Pirate Supplies>, who lives in the Old Port Authority, in Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale

He sell parrot-type birds, for 1g apiece (of eight).
Cockatiel Senegal



Again, these are cute birdies, so why haven't I bought them? Again, I have two dropped ones, and space is low.

Up into the Elf lands now, to visit Shylenai <Owl Trainer> in Darnassus. She lives near the gateway out from Darnassus to the rest of Teldrassil, and sells two owls for 50s each. One is the Hawk Owl, #3 shown above, and the other is this one.

Great Horned Owl Great Horned Owl

I figured I only needed one owl per character, so Dianius got the Hawk Owl, and my Gnome Warrior got the Great Horned Owl, mostly as something to swear at.

The final pet vendor who has pets I don't is Xan'tish <Snake Vendor> in Orgrimmar. He wanders about in the Valley of Spirits area. As well as the Black Kingsnake I have, he also sells two others.
Brown Snake Crimson Snake

Brown Snake

Crimson Snake

Although they're quite good models, and move nicely, I'm afraid I just couldn't find them very interesting. I only bought the Black Kingsnake to have one of everything, and I'd only buy these other two if I had absolutely everything else I could get, for completeness.

Ok, those are all the bought pets that I don't own. I could buy any or all of them at any time, I'm just choosing not to right now, for convenience.

There are others that I don't own for other reasons though...

New Category: Engineered Pets!

There are four Engineered Pets that I don't own. The first is the Arcanite Dragonling. I don't own this one for the simple reason that I've yet to get hold of the Schematic for it. Sure, I could get someone else to built it for me, but as you may have gathered I am slightly obsessive, and kinda like all my Engineered pets to have 'Made By Dianius' stamped on the bottom 8-) I will eventually own this pet, it's just a case of perseverance to get the schematic.

Arcanite Dragonling This uses the same model as the Mechanical Dragonling and Mithril Mechanical Dragonling, but it is much higher level, has more hitpoints and hits much harder.

The schematic is a drop, from Cobalt Mageweavers in Winterspring, and requires 300 skill to make.

It needs the following (expensive, eep!) supplies to make:-

1x Mithril Mechanical Dragonling
8x Delicate Arcanite Converter
10x Enchanted Thorium Bar
6x Thorium Widget
4x Gold Power Core
6x Enchanted Leather

Yup, you're reading that right, it needs a Mithril Mechanical Dragonling as one of the components!

The remaining three I can never own with Dianius, because they can only be obtained by Gnomish Engineers, and she's a Goblin Engineer (that did give her access to the two Bomb pets though). However, my Gnome Warrior is a Gnomish Engineer, so I have them all on her instead! 8-)

Lil' Smoky Lil' Smoky

Lil' Smoky is the Gnomish Engineer version of the Pet Bombling that Goblin Engineers get. The schematic is obtained in the same way... spend 2g renewing your Gnomish Engineering membership and 24 hours later you get a random gift in the mail, and very rarely it will be the schematic. Again, schematic and pet are Bind on Pickup.

You can renew multiple times in a row, you just need to destroy the card before each new renew. You will then get all the gifts in a clump 24 hours later.

He is the same basic model as the Field Repair Bot 74A, but a darker colour and much smaller, and as the name suggest he kicks out a LOT of smoke! He also clanks and rattles as he moves. Not really a great advert for Gnomish Engineering if you ask me, but there you are... 8-)

He requires 205 skill to make, and the following supplies:-

1x Core of Earth, 2x Gyrochronatom. 1x Fused Wiring, 2x Mithril Bar and 1x Truesilver Bar

Gnomish Battle Chicken Gnomish Battle Chicken

This guy is great! He's the same model as the Mechanical Chicken from the OOX quests above, but a LOT bigger, in fact he's bigger than my Gnome 8-)

Watching him wade into battle and just go nuts pecking away at mobs is soooo funny! 8-)

He's summoned from a Trinket, and lasts one and a half minutes, with a 30 minute cooldown.

The Trinket is Bind on Pickup, and requires a skill of 230 and the following supplies to make:-

1x Mithril Casing, 6x Truesilver Bar, 6x Mithril Bar, 2x Inlaid Mithril Cylinder, 1x Gold Power Core and 2x Jade

Gnomish Alarm-O-Bot Gnomish Alarm-O-Bot

This one is a one-shot pet, and lasts 10 minutes, during which time he'll follow you around and send out pulses that show up any stealthed enemies nearby. Neat, huh!

There is a 10 minute re-use time, meaning if it doesn't get killed early and you've made several you can get them out one after the other.

The schematic is a rare drop from Weapon Technicians in Blackrock Depths, requires 265 skill to make and use, and the following supplies:-

4x Thorium Bar, 2x Thorium Widget, 4x Rugged Leather, 1x Star Ruby and 1x Fused Wiring

Dropped Pets:

There is still one dropped pet that I don't own yet, not with Dianius anyway. I do have it on a Horde character. As with the Arcanite Dragonling, I fully intend to own this pet at some point, it's just a case of finally getting lucky with the drop!

Crimson Cannon Crimson Cannon

This is summoned from the Cannonball Runner, a trinket dropped by Cannon Master Willey inside the Scarlet Fortress in Stratholme.

The Cannon only lasts a few seconds, stays where you placed it, and will only fire at enemies directly in front of it that have engaged you.

There is a 5 minute reuse on the trinket.

Disgusting Oozeling Disgusting Oozeling.

This is a dropped non-combat pet. It was instroduced with Patch 1.9.

The pet is actually found (rarely) inside Oozing Bags, which occasionally drop from various high-level slimes and oozes around the world. The ones in Felwood are probably the easist to farm if you're after one.

Hope you have better luck than me though, been trying for a couple of weeks now and still no joy.

This pet is unique in that it affects the owner while out... giving -20 to Defense and all Resists, and giving you a green 'diseased' aura. Yup, that was minus 20! 8-)

Quested Pets:

BloodParrot Blood Parrot.

This lovely screenshot was generously supplied by Garldvin, of Twilight's Hammer (Europe), who also wrote this nice Guide to obtaining him. Many thanks Garldvin! 8-)

First, you've got to make sure you're dedicated enough, and willing to sacrifice quite a few hours, not to mention the ability to walk freely in the goblin cities, use the neutral Auction Houses, etcetera etcetera. And if your Bloodsailor Buccaneer reputation is at the bottom you're in for a hell of a grind.

To get the pet, you've got to get the Bloodsailor Admiral's Hat, which is the reward from a quest that Fleet Master Firallon will give you. So how do you get that quest then? Well... first off, the hard part: You've got to get your Bloodsailor Buccaneer reputation to friendly; not a small task by any means. And, the only way to do so is to, well, kill goblins. Booty Bay Bruisers, to be specific. Killing booty bay civilians works as well, but is a far more dangerous, not to mention less rewarding task.

So if you really want the parrot, here's what you've got to do:

Mark the "at War" checkbox in the reputation panel, on Booty Bay.

Give it some thought, if you're leveling engineering you're pretty much screwed if you'd want to reach the higher levels after you've completed the quest.

Completely sure? Well then, pirate. Go ahead.

A bit of advice before you begin your siege, you should know that if you somehow become unreachable, or simply out of range or something like that, the Bruisers are prone to breaking out their rifles. These were designed by Blizzard, to weed out the rooftop camping of low levels some level 60s used to do. Apart from doing a fair bit of damage, the rifles also knock you back and stun you. They have a rather high rate of fire as well. Needless to say, this is a complete death-trap for any kind of caster. If you're melee however, I believe they stop shooting if you get close up and start beating on them. However, close range is what most casters want to avoid when fighting these guys, and as such, just run like hell if you hear that annoying gun-shot sound, if you're a mage, and I believe I can safely speak for warlocks and priests here as well.

For each Bruiser you gain 25 Bloodsailor Buccaneer reputation, and for each civilian you gain only one point of reputation. Also, when you're Hated by Booty Bay, a Bruiser spawns when you approach a civilian, making it a much harder kill. Hence, the civilians are hard marks, and generally not worth attacking.

Other than to be equipped with a wagonload of patience, learn the spawning times and the outlines of the patrol routes in Booty Bay. Generally, killing the two Bruisers guarding the entrance to Booty Bay from Stranglethorn Vale are easy enough to pull and kill. The same goes for the ones patrolling in the tunnel; however, make sure to pull them away or you might end up with two Bruisers beating on you, and I tell you they beat hard.

The two Bruisers guarding the tunnel entrance inside Booty Bay are to my knowledge impossible to separate and will always attack you simultaneously. Crowd control abilities are your friends here. Also, make sure the tunnel is empty and that the respawns still are on their timers; otherwise you'll end up with three Bruisers attacking you, which almost always does spell certain death.

Inside Booty Bay, you've got to remain careful. Usually, your base should be at the platform just outside the tunnel entrance. From there you can easily reach a rooftop which obscures line of sight, and as such is a good place for regenerating health and mana while avoiding the patrol paths of the Bruisers. You've got to be quick and decisive when it comes to these fights, as the place has to be clear when the Bruisers guarding the tunnel entrance respawn.

I'll say it again, this is not a small task. I started halfway at Hated with the Buccaneers, and, if my calculations are correct, I had to kill one thousand and eighty goblins to raise my reputation to Friendly again. Take into consideration that the Bruisers do not drop anything, and that the task is quite a drain on your armour, it is both expensive and tedious. But hey, it's a cool hat and a cool parrot. :P

Now, assuming you've got your Bloodsailor Buccaneer reputation to Friendly, you've got to go and speak to "Pretty Boy Duncan", a quest-mob that spawns on the small shore just northwest of Booty Bay. He'll give you a quest to speak to Fleet Master Firallon, who in turn will give you a quest to kill Baron Revilgaz and Master Seahorn, two prominent characters in Booty Bay. They are also situated in the arguably best defended place in Booty Bay as well. You will most certainly have to seek out some friends to help you kill them, or at least to divert the attention of the numerous Bruisers that spawn when you assault the leaders.

Now, when you've killed them, it's a swim back to the fleet master, and there, the hat is finally yours! I can assure you you're going to be something of a novelty on your server, only a few people are insane enough to do this just to get a hat that can summon a parrot. :P

It's a cool hat though, a red, white trimmed Admiral Hat with the skull and crossed bones on.

Good luck with the Booty Bay farming rampage, should you choose to work towards getting that hat. :)

Written by Garldvin, of Twillight's Hammer (Europe)

I'm sure you'll all agree that covers everything very nicely! 8-)

That should now have covered every in-game-obtainable pet. If I've missed any out, please let me know using the Feedback box below!

That just leaves the four pets that are obtained through out-of-game means.

Firstly, there are the three 'Collector's Edition' pets. If you bought the Collector's Edition instead of the standard version, then you have the opportunity to own any one of these pets on each your characters on that account.

Panda Cub Panda Cub

Cuteness personified!!!

Like most of the other pets, this will cheerfully follow you around everywhere you go, but it does it with *such* a cute little 'I'm only a cub, and haven't really learned to walk properly yet' waddle.

It will also lie down and fall asleep if you stop moving... Snores and everything! 8-)

Just adorable!

It is also one of the pets that responds to being clicked, it makes a sort of mewling noise.

Mini Diablo

Mini Diablo

<Lord of Terror>

This fearsome little chap is a reference back to an early Blizzard game, Diablo.

He's the only pet to get his own title.

He also likes to belch fire now and then!

He looks quite mean if you're a Gnome, Taurens on the other hand just tend to accidentally tread on him. And on Gnomes!

The perils of being tiny, I'm afraid! 8-)

Zergling Zergling

Another reference to an earlier Blizzard game, in this case Starcraft.

The Zerg were one of the three Races (the other two being Protoss and Human), and they were sort of insectoid. Their basic unit was the Zergling, which was cheap and very fast to produce, although not very tough.

Because of this, the computer player would always use the same tactic when playing the Zerg, whereby it would make a whole mob of zerglings straight away, and send them straight at the enemy with no other units in support, hoping to overwhelm by sheer numbers rather than any form of tactics.

It is from this that we get the phrase 'Zergling Rush' or 'Zerging', meaning to simply try to overwhelm an enemy without tactics, which has entered common usage in MMORPGS, even non-Blizzard ones like EverQuest.

The Zergling makes the most disgusting squelching sound when he runs 8-)

Finally, there is the pet that was given out to attendees at BlizzCon. If you went along to that, you were given a unique code which you can tell to an in-game NPC, and in return he'll give you this cute little Murloc pet!

Pet Murloc, Murky Pet Murloc, Murky



/hug /hug /hug

Despite every single one of my characters having been mercilessly hacked to bits by ravenous hordes of Murlocks at some point in their lives, I still can't help but find this guy unbelievably adorable!

He has some great animations, crouching down with his arms out and growling, failing to look scary because he's just tooooo cute 8-), and his eyes swivel about too.

/DoeEyes Waaaaaaant ooooooone! 8-)

Hmmm... I wonder if there's enough room in my flat for me to host the next convention? Perhaps if I moved the TV over here, and took out the sink...

New Info: Thanks to everyone that told me he will occasionally put on a top hat and cane and do a dance, I never knew that! Now he's even cuter! 8-)


Pet Murloc, Gurky

This adorable little chap turned up with Patch 1.9.3.

As with Murky, the NPC that gives him out asks for a code. So far no-one knows how to obtain this code, but as the Worldwide Invitational 2006 is coming up in Seoul I'm going to guess for now that the code will be given out to attendees there.

Hmmm... What are the chances I can get to Korea...? 8-)

PETS STILL TO COME: These will be added as soon as I can get screenshots...

Timbermaw Ancestor, summoned from the Defender Of The Timbermaw, quested in Timbermaw Hold.

Skeleton, summoned from Book of the Dead dropped by Balnazzar and Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire dropped by Onyxia

Infernal Spirit of Shahram, proc'd by the Blackblade of Shahram, dropped by General Drakkisath.

Emerald Dragon Whelp, proc'd by Dragon's Call, dropped by Shade of Eranikus.

Eskhandar, proc'd if you own the entire Spirit of Eskhandar armour set.

Thornling Seed, dropped in Dire Maul.

How you can help:-

On a Euro server and got one of the above pets? Willing to meet up and pose it for me? Then just drop me a line in the Feedback box below, letting me know your server and character name, and what side you're on (Alliance or Horde), and times you are likely to be free. I'll make a character on your server and come take pictures, and credit you for your help 8-) Update: Unfortunately, most servers are full, and I can't make a character on them. Thanks to everyone that offered to pose your pets for me, but it looks like we're stuck with Plan B below.

On a non-Euro server, or too busy to meet up? Send me a link to a high-quality screenshot of the pet (pet large as possible, and in bright light please) and I'll give that a go 8-)

And that's it, that's all the pets that are in the game at the moment, to the best of my knowledge. If you know better, please let me know below!

I shall do my best to keep this Guide up to date with any new pets that are added into the game.

Although I would like to make one quick plea to Blizzard first... if you do add lots more pets into the game (and please do!), could you please please please put in extra bank spaces at the same time, or even better introduce a 'Menagerie' bag, like the Shard Bags, that can only contain pets but can contain 50 of them! 8-)

How To Transfer Pets To The Other Side.

As promised at the start, here is a brief guide to using the Neutral Auction Houses in Gadgetzan, Everlook and Booty Bay to transfer a pet from one side to the other (i.e. Alliance to Horde, or Horde to Alliance).


I have been informed that you CANNOT do this by yourself with only one account, because you cannot bid on or buyout auctions that you put up with another character on that account.

I apologise to anyone that found out the hard way. I didn't know this, I have multiple accounts (obsessive, remember!) and machines, and have always done my transfers with both characters stood there at the same time.

I simply assumed you could do it with one character, and we all know where that leads 8-(

So, if you're a normal, sane person with only one account, you will need a friend to help you with these transfers.

End of new info

First thing you need to do, obviously, is buy the pet itself! Not much point going through the rest if you forget that step 8-)

Having bought the pet, you then have to resist the temptation to take it out to see what it looks like. Doing that will bind the pet to that character, and you won't be able to transfer it across. This is important, but easy to do without really thinking about it, so you have to be careful here. You will get a confirmation box up asking if you want to bind the pet to you if you click it accidentally, the trick here is to click 'No' 8-)

Once you have the pet, hie thee hence to an Auction House!

All three Auction Houses are linked, meaning anything put up for sale at one can be purchased at any of the three. Therefore it doesn't matter which one you head for, so pick the easiest to get to from where you are.

Once you get there, wait in the Auction House and bring on the character you want to transfer the pet to. DO NOT put the pet up for sale yet!

Run the character you want to transfer the pet to to any of the three Neutral Auction Houses. It can be the same one or a different one, it doesn't matter.

You should now have both characters waiting out in a Neutral Auction House, all ready to go.

IMPORTANT: Read the rest of this section through at least once before actually doing the transfer, just to be sure you know what you have to do. Swapping in and out to read this while you're trying to transfer the pet will slow you down, and could provide time for an opportunist to help themselves to it.

RISK: As mentioned above, someone else could buy the pet you're trying to transfer before you get a chance too! You therefore need to be fairly quick swapping chars to do the buying. This is why you must run both characters to the Auction House before putting the pet up for sale.

Ok, so you have both characters there, you understand the risk, and you're all ready to go... let's do this then!

Using the character that's selling the pet...

Right click the Auctioneer, and select the Auctions tab.

Open the bag containing the pet, and drag it into the Auction Item box in the top left corner. Make careful note of the item name, as you'll need to type at least part of it in to search for it with the other character.

The Starting Price will automatically fill in with a default value. Change this to 1s.

The default Auction Duration is 8 Hours. This doesn't really matter much as you'll be buying it straight away, but you have a couple of other options:-

Setting it to 2 Hours means you have to put up less cash as a deposit (which you'll get back anyway) if you're low on funds, although a lot of people search by time looking for cheap things, so this could slightly increase the chance of someone else buying it out first.

Setting it to 24 Hours means you have to put up more cash as a deposit (which you'll get back anyway), but makes it less likely (maybe) to be spotted by others.

I never had any problems with the 2 Hours thing before Patch 1.9, as I could see who else was in Gadgetzan at the time and wait for it to be empty. Now you can't do that as they're linked, so 8 or 24 Hours might be a better choice.

IMPORTANT! You now need to put in a Buyout Price. If you don't do this, then all you'll be able to do is bid on the pet, as will anyone else until the auction time runs out. You want to be able to get it back out of the Auction system straight away, and for that it has to have a buyout.

You have two choices here... do you just want to transfer it, or do you want to give the character that bought it back the cost?

If you just want to transfer it, then you can set the Buyout at 1s as well. There is a slight risk here in that if someone else beats you to the Buyout you've lost money, but it's a very small risk, especially if you're quick.

If you want to give the character that bought it back the cost, then you need to set the Buyout appropriately. Depending on how accurate you want to be about it, this isn't as easy as it sounds.

The Neutral Auction Houses are quite greedy, and take 15% of the cash something sells for. That means that if you bought the pet for 1g and put it up for 1g, you'll only actually get 85s back.

To actually get 1g back, you need to put it up for 1G 18s. (1.18 x 0.85 = 1.003). If it cost a different amount, then you can get a calculator out (or use the Windows one) and divide the amount it cost by 0.85, and round up to a couple of decimal places. Yes, I'm sad enough to do this... pity me! 8-)

Or you can just whack a bit extra on and hope that covers it. Don't put too much extra on though, remember you'll lose 15% of it.

The advantage of setting the price high enough to cover the cost is that if someone else does buy it first, all you've lost is the time it takes to go get another one to sell.

Ok, you've filled in all the boxes. Give them a quick double check, just to make sure, and then it's time for action. This is where you need to be as quick as possible.

Click the Create Auction button, and the moment it shows up in your Auctions list camp that character, and switch to the character that will be buying it.

With the buying character, right click the Auctioneer, and type all or part of the pet's item name into the Name box top left. Something as specific as possible is good, just typing in 'Owl' will also list all the '...Of The Owl' items too.

Click the Search button.

You pet should now be listed. If it isn't, check the spelling and click Search again. You might need to wait a few seconds for it to light back up.

Once you've found it, click the pet icon or name in the listing to highlight it, and click 'Buyout'. You'll get a confirmation box up asking you to confirm you want to do the buyout. Click Accept.

Congratulations, you have now transferred your pet! All you need to do now is go and rescue it from the mailbox, where it's probably very unhappy... quick, run!!!

The money from the sale will have been posted to the selling character (minus the 15%, but with the deposit back), so don't forget to pick that up too.


Many thanks to Alexa, Archonia, and Nnine for responding to my plea for help taking shots of the special pets I was missing, and sparing the time to get them to pose for me to take dozens of shots.

Much appreciated folks! 8-)


If anyone from Blizzard is reading this, and feels the urge to take pity on a poor old Guide writer, I would absolutely love to get my hands on a Panda Cub and a Murlock, they're just soooooooooo cuuuuuuute!!!

I would have bought the Collector's Edition if my shops had stocked it, honest, and I meant to go to the Convention, but I had to stay home and tweeze my ear hair...

/beg ?

And, finally, THE AUTHOR:

Dianius, 60 Night Elf Druid, Terenas (Euro)


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