A friend of mine berated me the other day for only ever showing him posed scenery shots of LOTRO, and never tempting him with action shots. So I decided to combine today's exploration of eastern Angmar with a little shutterbugging, and as I quite liked some of the piccies I thought I might as well share them with everyone... 8-)

So, for your delight and edification, I hereby present...

Callia and Co Explore Angmar!

For those of you who don't know, I play three characters at once. Yes, I am insane. If you really want to know how, I did another write-up here.

Here's a picture of the three of me, so you'll know who's who in the following pictures...

The tall one in the middle is my Elf Champion, Viragoiel, sporting her shiny new Heavy Elf-Soldiers' Armour that I made her yesterday.

The one on the left is Petula, my Hobbit Hunter, who has sadly never had any fashion sense.

And on the right, my Hobbit Minstrel and the character from whose perspective I usually post, Callia.

If you're wondering why the two Hobbits look so similar, that's because Petula is Callia's daughter. In fact, I have a large multi-generation Hobbit family tree. I'm sad like that 8-)

Right then, introductions over with, and on with the photo-journal!

All of the photos below are quarter size (half in each dimension), clicky them if you'd like to see the full size version. The text will always refer to the picture above it. If you're running at 1024 x 768, you might want to hit F11 on your browser to go to Full Screen mode, to fit the picture and text on together.

Having killed several armies' worth of Orcs over my 42 levels, it was nice to finally find an Uruk Hai! 8-) This particular chap is a level 46 Signature mob, just at the top of the Orange Con range, but an easy enough victim for my trio. As usual, the Elf Champion is front and centre, cheerfully swiping away, while the other two hide behind her and take occasional cautious pot shots.

Another Uruk Hai, and a nice shot of Petula sighting down her crossbow.

Yup, you guessed it, another Uruk Hai! This one was a slightly different fight though, as you'll see below...

Yay, a Fellowship Manoeuvre! I do like these, even though one got me killed once... 8-)

The usual Fellowship Manoeuvre I go for is 'Will of the Strong'. The Elf Champion does Blue (as she's always lowest on Power, so the boost is handy), then the Hobbit Hunter does Yellow (as she does the most damage), and finally the Hobbit Minstrel does Green (which gives her an extra health top up, saving her having to self-heal, which gives her a lot of agro). The combo gives a Power boost to all three (with the Elf getting more), a Damage over Time on the mob (with the Hunter adding more), and a Heal over Time for the group (with the Minstrel getting an extra boost).

It also gives a very pretty effect, a Blue Horse, a Yellow Spider and a Green Hawk.

Ok, I know, I was supposed to be taking action shots, not yet more scenery ones, but I particularly liked this one... the contrast between the lively, colourful characters in the foreground and the bleak, black and white ruins in the distance really pleases my eye.

The deeper I got into Eastern Angmar, the higher level the mobs got. It didn't take long before they started turning red! Luckily, that still wasn't too much of a challenge 8-)

A bit further again, and another slightly higher mob. Level 48 now, 6 levels above me. Getting scary now! 8-)

EEP!!! I got jumped by a Level 49 Spider, that's 7 levels above me, and only one level away from being a Purple Con! Still dispatched it fairly easily though, mostly through a combination of missing and chipping away with low hits 8-)

Having taken out the previous Level 49 easily enough, I decided to have a pop at Batgirl here. First shot I managed to get of Callia with her lute out!

Jumped by another Spider...

And another! I'm sensing a pattern to this area... 8-)

Ok, time to start getting really cocky... a nice red Level 48 Signature bloke, just to up the stakes a bit more 8-) The Minstrel had to work a little harder this fight, as you can see 8-)

In fact, the fight went on so long that the Elf ran out of Power... bah, where's a Fellowship Manoeuvre when you need one!?!

Having defeated the Level 48 Signature, I jauntily sauntered around the corner, only to find myself staring down at this!

Yes, I know, more scenery shots, but let's face it... what scenery! 8-)

A slightly closer shot, without half a mountain in the way...

...and my favourite of the shots of the castle. Again, vibrant colour in the left foreground, doom and gloom in the right background. I'm so artsy! 8-)

Of course, I spent so long going 'Oooooooo' and 'Aaaahhhh' that when I finally stopped pressing 'Print Screen' and turned round to head back, the Level 49 Signature chap had of course re-popped! 8-) Here we see the Hunter going for the Kneecap Shot 8-)

Another shot of 'Will of the Strong' going off, and, judging by the group's position and the mob's expression, I'd hate to think where the Hunter's last arrow went!

A slightly closer shot of the black and white ruins, with a Hobbit just peeking into the corner of the frame. This is the last scenery shot, honest! Just action shots now. Really!

Action being the opperative word in this one... two worms appeared from an Undead's corpse, so it's AoE time! 8-)

The Elf is caught nicely in mid-air here, about to unleash her spinning attack, while the Hunter shoots up into the air, peppering the ground with arrows once they come back down again.

This one just made me laugh... a Hewn Giant's Arm, inching itself along with it's fingers 8-)

I'm sorry to say I was too cowardly to pull this one, in case the Archer came with it... I'm good, but a Level 48 Elite and a Level 48 Signature together might be a little too much even for me, at Level 42 8-)

Instead, I assuaged my cowardice on the nearest Level 49 Signature 8-)

I really like the detail on these mobs, so I rounded up a couple, to get a left and right side view 8-)

I need a few more Deadly Lethal Sharp Wicked Nasty Ouchiefying Dread Turtle Claws for some more rings, only the Elf has a set so far, so I'm always up for taking a pop at one. I took a few shots in rapid succession here, and managed to get some frames of Fellowship Manoeuvres going off that I hadn't captured before... this one is the very instant it decides you've selected your maneouvre.

And this is the instant it actually goes off... I'd never noticed that ring before!

*cough* Was too busy taking pictures, and I didn't see the lizard creep up on me... Another nicely detailed model, though, so I'll pretend I did it deliberately to get another two-mob action shot 8-)

And that, I'm afraid, is the end of my little trip to explore Angmar... I started to get hungry, and so I ran back to the hillmen camp, handed in a quest I'd done along the way, dinged 43 on all three chars, then mapped home to Rivendell to train any new skills, and be ready to go farm some more Ancient Iron Ore to make the nice shield from the pattern I picked up along the way 8-)

Thanks for reading, folks, hope you enjoyed my little show-and-tell 8-)


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