Uberocity Killed The Elf... Twice!

Another tale of the exploits of my trio of characters, for those who were foolish enough to be polite about them in the past...

So, we're wandering around Trollshaws, part exploring, part gathering to feed the insatiable appetites of my crafters, and part questing to recoup the repair costs, when I find a rather strange man sitting hunched over his campfire.

Upon enquiring about his rather gloomy demeanour, it seems he's misplaced his pet bird, and he gives me a whistle with which to call it back. Okay, not too sure why he can't just blow it himself, but what the heck. I take a deep breath, and go to put it to my lips.

'No, no, not here!' he says. 'Over there!'

*sigh* It's never simple, is it? So I wander over to the indicated spot, and try again.

Somewhat to my surprise, the whistle doesn't make a noise. Instead, it asks me the name of the pet bird I'm trying to find. Of course, I've already forgotten it, never was any good with names, but handily it's in the Quest Log, so I fake a quick sneeze to cover the looking up, and tell the whistle which bird I'm trying to summon.

'Oh,' says the whistle, helpfully... 'It's over there!'

I'm not entirely sure this thing knows how it's supposed to work! I try the other two whistles, on my two companions, and they're equally confused over the concept, so with a shrug I set off in the direction indicated.

It appears the bird has taken up residence on one of the ruin-strewn cliff-tops, that have been teasing me with their inaccessibility since I arrived in the area. Now, obviously the bird simply flew up, but I am somewhat less proficient in that area, and after my Guardian's little mishap with that siege catapult I'm not even keen to give it a try. Two hours it took to get that helmet back off!

So, resigned to the more mundane approach to gaining elevation, I tromp about looking for a friendly Ent with a decent reach, or failing that a ramp.

Eventually, after several detours to mine ore or chop wood, my search is rewarded, and I find just the sort of ramp I'm looking for. It's not even very steep! With a cheery skip, I start off upwards, and round the first corner...

...only to find myself nose to kneecap with a very large Wight. A very large Wight who doesn't look like they've eaten for a very long time. Not for the first time, I find myself wishing Hobbits were a little less bite-sized!

Still, the Elf Champion already has her swords out, and the tickle across my ear tells me that my Hunter daughter is yet again standing right on top of me, and doesn't consider my head to be a hinderance to her crossbow. 'Tweenagers!

I sing them a quick song of encouragement, which isn't easy while you're trying to duck away from carelessly fired arrows, but the Wight is dead before I even get to the chorus. As usual, the Elf nicks all the goodies. It's no wonder I'm still nowhere near affording a pony!

'You have a new Deed! Kill another billion of these, and win a thimble!'

Hmmm... maybe another time!

So, we're off upwards again, heading for this dopey pigeon. A few more Wights get in the way, and the occasional Hillman, but nothing we can't handle with ease, and soon enough we find the feathery truant.

His happy squawking of course alerts several nearby Hillmen, and a Wight, who understandably come to try to shut him up. I'm quite keen on the idea myself by now. Still, a promise is a promise, and all that, and so we save the dratted thing yet again.

At which point it flaps off. Finally!

So, back down to the bloke and his campfire, for thanks, some cash, and a tissue to wipe off the present his budgie left on my best theorbo.

The fact that the Wights and Hillmen appeared to be working together seems to interest the birdman, and he asks if I'll go and investigate further, and perhaps find the reason behind it.

So off we go, back up the ramp, and upwards again, the Elf and Hunter cheerfully ploughing through everything in their path while I sort of hum along in the background. Well, it's not like they ever listen to the words.

One of the Hillmen has something on him that I think the birdman would find interesting, so I pocket it to show to him later. For now, though, I've seen something of much more interest to me!

A bridge, leading across to those ruins I was trying to get to before. Woo hoo!

So we cheerfully set off, the Elf rushing off in front as always, and find some more Wights to play with. Maybe I will get that thimble after all!

It was while we were massacring our way round one of the sets of ruins that we found the most interesting thing of all...

An orange-con Elite Master Wight. Ooooooooooooo!!!!

We weren't too sure exactly what an Elite Master was, but after a quick discussion we decided that we really wanted to find out. We knew we could handle an orange-con Elite easily enough, after all.

So, with thoughts of Uberocity in mind, we formulated our plan... kill anything nearby, just in case, and then charge him!

So start off with, the fight was going pretty well. The Elf Champion was taking a bit of a pounding, but easily within my healing capabilities, and my daughter was firing arrow after arrow past my ear, slowly chipping away at its morale. It was really just a case of if we'd run out of power before we finished him off.

Then, when we had him down to half health, things turned nasty! He suddenly let loose with a mighty bellow, and stunned us all where we stood. EEP! All I could do was watch as the Elf's morale went down faster than a Bolger who's dropped a crumb.

Luckily, I came back to my senses just in time, and managed to keep the Elf going. Unluckily, he then stunned us again. This time I was too late.

The Elite Master Wight then turned on the Hunter, who instantly made a Desperate Flight into the bushes and vanished.

And then there was one... Uh oh!

So, this cliff then, shallow enough to survive a leap, or the prelude to a comedy Hobbit-shaped hole in the ground? Well, it's not like I have much of a choice here...

Shallow enough to survive it is!

And so, limping but with a decent head start, I leg it for the rally point, where I find the Elf eager to try again... Elves, eh!

Still, it does seem to only really be a problem with the stun breath... we could try it again, only this time more spread out, and perhaps offer him a mint beforehand...

So, off we go again, with our wonderful new plan: 'rushing him = bad, therefore not rushing him = good!' Logic, it's a wonderful thing!

Once again we clear everything else nearby, just in case, and then carefully pick our spot, a nice handy clearing where there hadn't been any Wights. Also, right next to a noticably higher, steeper cliff. Oh, good!

Our new plan calls for my daughter and I to stand back as far as we can, and this time I make sure we're far enough apart to avoid peircing my ears, while the Elf goes and gets the Elite Master Wight, and brings him to a pre-arranged spot, just inside our range.

It seemed such a perfect plan, and would have been except for one small thing... he turned out to have really bad breath, and stunned us all five seconds in, even as far back as we were.

This time I had no chance to heal the Elf, and she went down for the second time in 15 minutes.

This time, however, the Hunter can't make a Desperate Flight, she's still to tired from the last one! So she feigns death instead... hey, why didn't I think of that last time!

I follow suit, and just in time, the orange con Elite Master Wight is practically standing on my toes now. He looks at us for a few seconds, and then shrugs and wanders off... Phew!

So, I revive the elf, who is of course keen to give it 'just one more try.' I think it's the height, the blood can't get all the way up to her brain.

Eventually she concedes, with bad grace, and instead we head back to the birdman, to show him the trinket we nicked off the dead Hillman.

'Oh, very interesting,' he says. 'It seems that a bit further into the ruins there's this orange-con Elite Master Wight. Perhaps you could go and... oh, they left.'


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