You Only Had To Remember One Thing!

Hi folks,

As it was such a nice day today, Petula, Viragoiel and myself decided to go for a pleasant ride through the countryside, as a break from the hectic pace that seems to have become the norm of life in Middle Earth recently.

To that end, I packed the elevensies, lunch, and the mid-afternoon snack, and planned out a nice route for us, over the rolling hills of Bree, through the gentle serentity of The Shire, and finally coming to a rest under the graceful trees outside Celondim.

Yes, I did all the work, and they just had to manage one thing...

... one tiny, yet important, little thing...

... which Viragoiel forgot!

Yup, she turned up to our horse ride, without her horse!

I did try giving her a lift ...

... but my poor little pony just wasn't up to the task, even with Petula carrying the food.

Being a resourceful, and flirty, elf, Viragoiel did try roping a poor innocent bystander in to help out...

... but apparently he was afk.

Still, the idea seemed sound, and they do say if ever you need help, ask the Watch...

... but unfortunately his duties wouldn't let him travel outside the town walls.

There was only one thing for it... she was going to have to find herself a proper replacement mount...

... too small...

... too hairy...

Ahhh, just right!

Petula naturally wanted to barbeque the new mount once we got to Celondim, but Viragoiel had become somewhat attached by then, and I didn't really feel like starting the whole process over again, so the lucky cow is once again safely in the farmer's field, where hopefully he never noticed it missing.


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